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Shuttering plywood is a material used in the shuttering process, which occurs when pouring concrete into molds. 

The Shuttering plywood can be constructed in such a way that it forms a mold which is weather resistant and will not stick to the concrete itself. 

This material is usually not especially attractive, so it is not suitable for applications that require an aesthetically pleasing outer veneer. Plywood is a type of wooden panel that is created by laying thin veneers of wood on top of each other, then gluing those veneers together.

Plywood can be very strong if constructed properly. 

The veneers are usually laid in such a way that grains run perpendicularly to each other, thereby maximizing strength and reducing the likelihood of splitting. 

The type of glue used to create the wood will also have an impact on its strength. Shuttering plywood is very often used for outdoor applications, which means the wood must be resistant to water damage, especially warping and rotting. 

The glue that is used to make shuttering plywood is therefore resistant to moisture penetration to ensure strength and stability. This type of wood can generally be reused, though the panels will need to be cleaned carefully and the wood will need to be stored in a cool, dry location.

Shuttering plywood also named formwork plywood, film faced plywood, construction plywood.

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